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    Y.R.U. Hidden Wedge Combat Boots: Our new FAVE shoes.
    This shoe has got it goin' ON-check what we're workin' with here:
    A BADASS comfy combat boot with a (get this) HIDDEN WEDGE HEEL!!!!

    A lil' edge, a lil' sass, A WHOLE LOTTA' RAD. Looks like a classic doc martin, feels like an awesome slipper made out of clouds and fairy dust, and let's not forget the cherry on top of this shoe sundae, a super lightweight 1.5" hidden wedge-mmmmmm. We love how it makes our legs look effortlessly longer and leaner so you can be the baddest babe on the block all while rocking laid back combat boots! EAT YOUR HEART OUT CUTE GUY IN THE PRODUCE SECTION OF WHOLE FOODS! Thank you YRU, you know what girls want!

    Crafted with love by our favourite shoe-gurus with amazing high quality 2-tone shiny and soft vegan leather for a boot you'll wear to death. Fresh to death, that is. Kick your style game into high gear with this DELICIOUS boot. YUM.


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