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Well, its Joni Mitchell's birthday, and we think that's something to celebrate! Her music and unique approach to vocals continues to captivate new generations almost 50 years after her debut album dropped all those years ago. With fairy-like grace, she quietly rules the folk-world with the magik of unconventional but undeniable beauty, fabulous feminine style, and OH THAT VOICE. She paved the way for music that mattered, addressing big issues, but in a much simpler manner and composition than her musical counterparts, and yet, somehow, her arrangements always came together in such a way that they sparked sparkle that made everyone want to make the world a better place. While everyone else was strumming and singing of strife, politics, and despair, Ms. Mitchell doted on beautiful places and happy days, tiny moments, and longing to be back in California; while she did address political and environmental issues, there is always something hopeful about her tunes. That simplicity and uplifting undercurrent is what makes her and her music so special; indeed what was so profound about her lyrics was the simplicity of it all. She was taking notice of the beautiful little moments around her and teaching the masses through song to enjoy-even positively savor each of them. So in honor of this beautiful woman being born into this world to sing to us, we want to say this: "PREACH LIL' MAMA! GIVE US YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND LOVE! LIVING SIMPLY AND ENJOYING THE MOMENTS IS THE HONEYBEE WAY, SO WE FEEL YOU- THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!"

Okay, enough of the HAPPY-HONEYBEE-RANT! Enjoy some of her tunes with their dreamy overtones, and peaceful undertones - the perfect start or finish to another beautiful day! We must start with one of our all-time faves: annnnd, we can't deny a lil' colab with another great <3


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